Seek Freedom For a Loved One
in a Texas Prison?
This FREE Guide Tells You The
5 Critical Things to Know to 
Overturn a Conviction and Achieve Freedom
Insight from a Board Certified
Texas Criminal Law &
Criminal Appeal Specialist 

  • Learn what you can do NOW To Free Your Loved One who has been Convicted on Criminal Charges and is now serving a Texas Prison Sentence 
  • ​The Best Grounds to Challenge the Texas Conviction or Sentence your loved one received
  • ACT NOW! There is a Process Timeline to Challenging a Conviction!
  • ​It has Been 5, 10, 15, or 20 Years Since My Loved One's Conviction... Is It Too Late?
  • How to Present New Evidence that Was Not Available before your loved one's Conviction
  • Bonus: ​How to Challenge a Conviction or Sentence EVEN when Your Loved One Pleaded Guilty
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