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5 Critical Things to Know to 
Overturn a Texas Conviction and Achieve Freedom
When someone you care about is locked away, each passing day can feel like an eternity. 
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  • Learn immediately what actions you can take to start the process of reevaluation for your loved one's case, igniting the flame of hope against the darkness of despair. 
  • ​Uncover the most effective grounds to challenge a Texas conviction and fight for justice.
  • ACT NOW! Understand the critical timeline of the appeals process,
  • ​Realize that it's never too late to seek justice, whether it's been 5 or 20 years since the conviction.
  • Discover how to introduce new evidence that wasn't available during their trial, potentially transforming the outcome of your loved one’s fate.
  • Bonus: Gain insight into challenging a conviction even if there was a guilty plea, offering a second chance for those who felt they had no choice.
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